A moment for affirmation – from you, for you!

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A moment for affirmation…

This week’s Creativity Check-In is brought to you by the power of self affirmation.

I find myself reading a lot of books and listening to a TON of podcasts on meditation, affirmation, personal development, and business growth. Each and every time I listen (even if it’s a repeat listen!), I pull something new from the huge mountain of someone else’s philosophy.

Does this happen to you, too? Always finding new things…?

It’s equal parts inspirational and overwhelming. Side one: YES! I can achieve my goals/dreams/work-life balance. Side two: “OMG – I am SO NOT balancing!” or “There is SO. MUCH. TO. WORK ON!”

Well – I’ll be writing all about that process over on the blog later this month. So until then, let’s cut to the meat of this week’s Creativity Check-In! It’s this:

During all of my searching, listening, and reading I have learned that I am the best advocate for my heart and mind. Which means YOU are the best advocate for YOU! Now, granted, there is still much searching to be had, but this trail marker is important!

Why? Keep reading!

You deserve to hear your wants and needs, and sharing that with yourself is a huge accomplishment.

So – I invite you to take a moment and reflect on what you need today. Maybe it’s a sentence, or maybe it’s a paragraph! No matter what it is, grant yourself a moment for affirmation.

Perhaps it is, “I am…” or “you are…”

Regardless, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! You can share that with us over at the CART Community on Facebook.

You inspire me!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace