Our Mission:

We believe that you are a creative healthcare professional, and deserve to make the most of every creative moment. We are here to help you do that by offering you the highest quality music therapy interventions.


Steward, Briana R. Priester, MT-BC

Steward, Briana R. Priester, MT-BC

Steward, Briana R. Priester, MT-BC

Hi! I’m Briana, MT-BC, and I am thrilled to welcome you to The Music Therapy Marketplace. This marketplace was created out of the deep desire to help music therapists take control of their time by relieving some of the pressure that comes from session planning, especially since so much of it is done over breaks, weekends, and evenings. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of giving my time to Pinterest! 🙂

As Steward, I take my job seriously by ensuring that The Music Therapy Marketplace is a joyful, welcoming online space that offers therapeutically appropriate and creative music therapy interventions. I am passionate about living and practicing creatively, and am dedicated to making sure The Music Therapy Marketplace helps you do the same.

I am continually inspired by the passion, heart, and creativity music therapists put into their work. Without you, the #marketplacemovement wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for granting me the honor of sharing a part of your creative journey!

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