Contributor Spotlight: Amanda Burchfiel, MS, MT-BC

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I have so enjoyed hearing the creative process of each contributor, and today’s #ContributorSpotlight follows in the same positive thread. Amanda Burchfiel, MS, MT-BC and I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss creative process, intervention design, and special projects. I’m excited to share her words of wisdom and creativity!


First up, the creative process:



Creativity Check-In with Amanda Burchfiel | The Music Therapy Marketplace


One of my most favorite parts of my conversation with Amanda was when she shared the quote above. We all work differently with our clients, but the experience is so much more creative as a whole when we work within the inherent creativity of our clients process.

Amanda also mentions e-mail subscriptions as a way to continue to grow her perspective. Here are some of her recommendations:


Part two, all about intervention design:

*BEHIND THE SCENES* (read: during an outtake…) Amanda and I discussed another component to her intervention designing process: character development. Each month of the school year is “sponsored” by one of six character traits. These are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring,  and citizenship. When she engages in musical experiences with her students, part of their therapeutic process is reviewing how/if they can implement the character trait into their lifestyle. Cool stuff!


Part three: special projects!

Want to learn more about Garfoose camp? Click HERE! You can also find the Full Circle Music Therapy Community team on Facebook, Twitter, and at their home base!


A huge thanks to Amanda for spending time with me to record the interview, and a huge thanks to YOU for stopping by!


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