Contributor Spotlight: Rachelle Norman

Hi there, music therapy creatives!

I am thrilled to be sharing an incredible interview with Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC. In addition to her private practice in Kansas City, Rachelle hosts, a website that offers incredible resources to eldercare MT-BC’s! She is also the creator of School Subjects Name That Tune!

During our interview, Rachelle answered questions about creativity, and shared some inspirational analogies about structure.

First up we discuss the creative process!

Often as a creative, I find it difficult to pick something out nothing, and then give it a creative sparkle. Rachelle sheds light on the importance of structure through the perspective of the relationship of a rose bush and it’s trellis.

“The key idea is to have a structure that is enough to give you something to build on, without choking things back.”

Next, Rachelle shares a little about her intervention design process!

“Plan to fly by the seat of your pants…. Because if you plan to be flexible, it’s much easier to be flexible.”

Lastly, we discuss some of the projects that Rachelle is currently working on. And guess what – she has a FANTASTIC offer for you guys!

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Yours in creativity,