Courage in Creativity

Creativity Takes Courage :: Creativity Check-In | The Music Therapy Marketplace

Creativity takes….

Courage. Lots and lots of courage.

As a brand new music therapist, I found myself walking down the path of creativity and turning right back around to the safety zone (you know – trying “new” things that are 1/3 new and 2/3rds known…). After building my practice, meeting my people, and coming precariously close to creative frustration, I decided to head down my creative path with determination and commitment.

But you know what? I didn’t realize it would be so hard. I mean – I knew it would challenge me, but I thought, “creativity is important! I can so do this!” But really – I just didn’t lift the creativity lid. I took the whole entire lid off that box, and let every bit of creative energy trapped inside into my mind, heart, and work spaces. I’m beginning to realize that sometimes creativity works like that….

But in that process, I experienced a personal AND clinical creative shift. By engaging in creative space within my practice (that it would inevitably spill over into my personal life) I would likewise have to address my personal definition of creativity, how creativity fits into my image of self.

I am still walking that road. And each day, I find that I look at the creative spaces (head space and real time practical places) with more optimism and courage.

Because ultimately, your creativity takes courage. And as a music therapist, I think you are so SO courageous. I would love to hear about your moments of courage. Please feel free to reply in a comment below or join us on our Facebook CART Community!

Yours in creativity,
Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace