Creativity Challenge: A challenge that works for YOU

Hi, Creatives!

After watching, listening to, and working with so many of you, The Marketplace is taking the plunge. The “hosting a challenge and giving away an amazing prize” plunge.

The Daily Creative

Starting Monday, 8/24, The Music Therapy Marketplace will be hosting its very own Creativity Challenge! I’m super excited to be sharing this with all of you, but not for the reasons you think.

Okok!! If you think one of the reasons is to collectively and collaboratively increase our creativity then….yes. If you think that it’s because being actively and intentionally creative helps curb burn out, then…yes again. Maybe you’re thinking that another reason could possibly be that part of the mission of The Music Therapy Marketplace is to help lift you up as a creative (a job taken very seriously)…then yep! You’ve got it. I’m excited to be sharing this with you because you’re incredibly creative, but there’s yet another reason.

This challenge is exciting, and important, and thrilling because it’s designed to NOT be a challenge.

Seriously. This is the least challenge-y challenge you will ever do because you’re not working FOR the challenge. The challenge is working FOR YOU.

Each day in your inbox you’ll find an e-mail containing your Daily Creative work page. This page will be the same every day, and has three simple components. Without giving too much away, I will say that each day you’ll be prompted to set a timer, and get to work setting creative goals and exploring new creative mediums.

Ultimately, these goals and creative experiences will not only help your creativity blossom, but you’ll feel creatively energized and have freer access to your most beloved and even a few new creative tools in your tool box.

Who doesn’t like that?

So let’s do it – let’s take the plunge. What do you say? If you’re ready to get a mega boost to your creativity, then sign up and meet me in the creative space that’s waiting for you!

Sign up for the Creativity Challenge!


Already signed up? AMAZING! Thanks for taking the plunge!! I can’t wait to share this with you. 🙂 Make sure you’re a member of The Daily Creative Facebook group before Monday!

Yours in creativity!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace