Creativity Check-In: Breaking It Down

Hi, Creatives!

As part of our Contributor Spotlight Series, I had the opportunity to interview Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC owner of Listen & Learn Music, and host of Guitars and Granola Bars. It was a great conversation, but she said something right out of the gate that has been floating around in my mind since our interview.


The no. 1Most Important thing


This clear reminder of stepwise motion seems like the perfect way to prevent that sense of overwhelm when we’re trying to complete multiple projects at one time (because we’re multi-tasking music therapy bosses!!). If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself asking, “why is it so hard to remember to use this tool?” Is it because we automatically do so much of the breaking down mentally? Is it because we don’t think we need to? Or maybe we don’t think we have time to write down each simple step?

I am guilty to answering yes to all of those questions frequently, and maybe possibly all at the same time (but I’ll never admit it…), and then to some not listed above. I find it so hard to put words to creative concepts, but you know what? It takes twice as long and drains my creative flow when I don’t set a timer and write down all of the words, thoughts, and some images that are floating around in my mind.

As a point of reference, I had lists on top of lists, and charts, graphs, bookmarks, random slips of paper and napkins, and post-its on my bathroom mirror while I was piecing The Marketplace together. My ever patient husband would quietly add tape when I wasn’t looking to the particularly sad looking treasures that had spent too much time being looked at, in my pocket, or as a temporary cat toy. Looking back on it, the only way all of the plates kept spinning was by breaking down each small, medium, or large project into manageable tasks. I would like to tell you that I now have them all in one file folder, neatly organized…buuuut that wouldn’t be true. I’ve left some post-its in the bathroom, the notebook in the car, and the napkin I used to outline my original marketplace concept (it was from Starbucks. The place where all my best thinking seems to happen…) out in a place that can easily be seen. Like a soccer trophy. Or the spoils of war. I haven’t decided yet.

As you journey on your way to discovering and re-discovering your creative process, I would love to hear about some of the tasks you break down, some of the projects you are working on, and some of the discoveries you have made! Hit me with a comment below, or visit us over on our CART Community Facebook page. 🙂 I love hearing from you, and learning together!!

Yours in creativity!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace

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