Creativity Check-In: Complements

Complements are free


My dear creative friends,

Today is the day…. Today is the day! Today is the day you are recognized as the vibrant, creative, incredible music therapist (or other creative professional!) that you are. Today is the day that the #CreativityCheckIn invites you to give yourself a little something extra, without it costing you anything. In fact, I believe it will give you something in return!

I invite you to give yourself a complement. To admire your creative work, or perhaps the way you handled a tricky situation. Maybe you deserve a complement for loving your people, making sure you are caring for yourself, or trying new things.

Whatever it happens to be, stop the presses for one simple moment and give yourself a complement. Complements (and any other kind of self love and affirmation) are FREE. They’re FREE TO GIVE, and the return rate on kindness, love, and compassion is incredible.

YOU, above all others I know deserve a moment of goodness. You who gives tender care to your clients, your families, and your pets. To your work self and your real world self, and to the self you hope to become. YOU are incredible, and you deserve to know it.

Humbly yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace