Creativity Check-In: Freedom To Create

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Not too long ago I had the privilege of sitting down with Amanda Burchfiel, MS, MT-BC, to pick her brain about creativity. She, along with all of The Marketplace’s other contributors, had so much to say about creativity and working with her population: incarcerated teens.

During the beginning of our interview, I asked her about her creative process. She stated, so clearly, that her clinical experience and setting has allowed her to freely engage in her clients creative process. That by laying aside her personal creative process she is more available to the creative needs of her clientele, and that THAT work helps fuel her personal creativity.

Now – I can imagine that some of you are looking at this and thinking, “OF COURSE!” Yes – of course a huge part of our jobs is to facilitate our client’s creative process. That’s how we grow and change! But, for just a moment, doesn’t it feel so, so good, gracious, and whole to be reminded that we, as clinicians, can be totally committed to the creative processes of our clients regardless of any pre-determined needs? That we can trust our therapeutic training, instinct, and discernment and dive right in to whatever that client may need? Trust. Instinct. Discernment. These are all things we gain as music therapists, and sometimes we need a little extra boost to remember that we’ve got this. You’ve got this!

We have the freedom to create, and to be a part of creativity that doesn’t belong to us. And that – that is magical (and quantitative, and imperially proven!). When have you experienced creative freedom with a client? Or even – when have you experienced creative freedom for yourself? For me personally, Amanda’s words have been validating and inspirational! Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below!

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