Creativity Check-In: Inspiration and Perspiration

Happy Creativity Check-In, Creatives!

It is such an incredible privilege to be able to share not only this creative time with you, but inspiration locally sourced, er…from other MTs! You all are so incredibly creative, and I hope that I have the privilege of hearing what you have to say!

ok – #sappymoment over! 🙂


Last week, we had a wonderful analogy from Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC as our source for inspiration. This week, I am here to share some creative inspiration with you from Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC. In a recent interview, Ryan described his creative process.


“…You’re just sitting down noodling around and all of a sudden you just hit that one little melody, that one little chord progression that just sings to you…. Then I know I’ve just hit my 1% inspiration…. Now it’s time to … work out the 99% perspiration….” 

I was so struck by his perspective! As creatives, we can make SO MUCH from our 1% inspiration. We write songs, we create interventions, we design games, we use improvisational music clinically, we harmonize, we care for ourselves! There are so many more ways, but to me, Ryan’s statement illuminated three key things about the creative process.

1. Willingness. Before you can be creative, you must be willing to engage in a creative act. Active music making, intentional listening, meditation, artwork, dance, journaling/writing…. All of those things are incredibly creative, but they don’t happen unless you’re willing, right? Right!

2. Discovery & Inspiration. This is the fun part! You have the opportunity to see what incredible things your 1% inspiration can yield. Is it a whole album? Is it a blog series? Is it a themed intervention series? Who knows what kind of amazing things could come from your 1%! I have no idea what your 1% is or could be, but you betcha that I’m excited for it!

3. Commitment. Because we all know that creative aspirations are not realized instantaneously (even though maybe we may want them to be…)! While we may not be working on a project large enough for a two month window, our work on creative projects requires serious commitment. Even if that commitment starts with 15 minutes here and there because in order to begin, one must begin, right? 🙂

So this week I encourage you to consider the creative pursuits in your life! Are there any that have presented you with inspiration and perhaps are now asking you for that 99% perspiration? Have you been sitting on some inspiration for a while and are looking for your perspiration? What things inspire you? What things ask you for perspiration?

I would love to hear about your creative journey! So if you feel like sharing, just post in the comments below or over in our CART Community!

Yours in creativity,


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