Creativity Check-In No. 12: Structure is Key




Hi, Creatives!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC of Sound Scaping Source. It was such a pleasure to talk to Rachelle about her perspectives on creativity and music making in her work in eldercare.

During the part of our discussion that focused on her creative process, she described her use of structure and theme.

“The key idea is to have a structure that is enough to give you something to build on without choking anything back.” 

She continued on to describe the relationship between roses and their trellis. The roses require a structure that will bend and move with their growth because without it, they will not flourish.

As music therapists, we implement this concept in our clinical work daily (hourly….by the minute!) as our clients need flexibility and support. And sometimes I forget to do this for MYSELF when I sit down to intentionally engage in a creative experience. Does this ever happen to you? Sometimes I sit down with my paintbrush and get frustrated when an easy solution would be to create a mandala circle, or to simply come back later.

After visiting with Rachelle, I was inspired to redefine my perspective on structure. So I sat down and made a list of the kinds of “structures” I can prepare for myself. I started with the one Rachelle uses after her sessions: a notebook and a pen (which I was using, ironically…). After that, I moved on to other mediums. Ultimately, I filled the page with both obvious and subtle ways to create structure and was shocked by what was on the page. Not because it was profound, but because structure can be so easy.

I would love to hear about the kinds of structures YOU use in your creative process. While you’re brainstorming, I invite you to think loosely about your definition of structure because as a creative, you have the opportunity to redefine the word, and have a remarkable experience! If you find that you are inclined, please share your structure in a comment below or over in our CART Community Facebook Page!

Yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace

PS – You can see the interview with Rachelle HERE!

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