Creativity Check-In No. 2!

Creativity Check In #2 :: Creativity Check-In | The Music Therapy Marketplace

Creativity Check-In No. 2!

Hi there creative, hard working, inspirational music therapist!

I’m really excited to be sending you this message because it means three things!!

  1. The CART Community has launched on Facebook.
  2. Your Creativity Check-In IS READY FOR YOU!
  3. That YOU, as a subscriber, get first looks at the video for our first creativity check in AND creative prompt for this week!

This (super quick and easy) activity is designed to help you channel some musical energy AND have a little fun. You can chew on this while you’re driving or planning, or even while you’re wearing another hat (like post-dinner mom, or conquerer of that huge load of laundry).

Whatever works for you, rock it, and then share! We are dying to know what your sports chant sounds like!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace