Creativity Check-In: Pass it on.

Hello, Creatives!

I just want to say – you. inspire. me.


Seriously. Each conversation I have with you via contributor inquiry, CCI response, re-tweet, and Facebook chat adds to the wonder I experience when music therapists and other creatives share creative space. Inspiration, creativity and kindness run like wildfire through our conversations and interactions, and I have to say – thank goodness these precious experiences are free to those willing to engage.

Because YOU inspire me to be creative, kind, and courageous, I’d like to share something special with you! You’ll need 5 minutes, and a pen/paper to make a quick list.


First!! – Make a list of the people who inspire you. It can be one person, or a dozen. The more the merrier – music therapist or not! These are people who lift you up, your go-to team, problem solvers, and buds.

Now that you have your list, open a brand new e-mail, and put THIS in the body. Just right click on the image and “save as”, putting it on your desk top. If you don’t want to do that, then just e-mail them the link to the blog post. 🙂 New friends are always welcome!


Now that you’ve got your e-mail started, create a subject line, sign off, and hit send! SEND THE LOVE TO YOUR PEOPLE! You never know what kind of amazing creative experience could come from a little love note.

Because inspiration, creativity, and kindness come in all shapes, sizes, mediums, and in any moment! Share some today.


Yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace


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