Creativity Check-In: Re-Defining Creative Joy

What is Creativity

Is it coming up with something completely new?
Creating something from nothing as if on cue

Is it combining made concepts in order to create?
The ability to do so is still something great

Is it the ability and flexibility to adapt to change?
Embracing the new despite it being strange

Does it come from ability or a great deal of work?
In perspiration or inspiration does it lurk?

The answer it seems incorporates them all
It’s finding the new, escaping the banal

All human beings are capable of imagination
But we are taught to deny its cultivation

As a child we create often with little limitation
As practicality is expected it comes in moderation

Judgment and logic become commonly used
Our creative impulses now often refused

To escape the trap, we change how we think
Question the norm, and find a new link

Then action and thoughts find new direction
A solution that could just be perfection

Copyright © 2015 Eric Niehoff


Creativity is defined by clear, stark boundaries by Marriam-Webster as: the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. And you know what, that’s great because there is no all-encompassing definition for the creative spirit! But, I do have to ask….have you ever felt your creativity? The visceral response to a new idea, melody, or image in our minds eye moves us beyond our previous expectations, challenges our creative judgement, and inspires us to engage in a great deal of work without “working.”

I stumbled upon the above poem a few months ago during one of my creativity google searches. It is exactly how it sounds – I go to google, and type in “creativity” just so I can see what is waiting for me. Sometimes the same stuff pops up, and sometimes I’m hit with gems like this poem! It was a pleasant surprise, and I’m thankful to have found it published on a public forum.

Eric puts the creative experience in perspective by asking some of the questions we face regularly when we are moved to create. Do we follow predetermined boundaries? Are you in a creative comfort zone, and is that ok for you? He also briefly reminds us of the creative joy we experience as children! Oh I remember that joy! Where creativity felt like summertime that lasted for days.

While my experience was full of never ending glue sticks, washable markers, dirt, and so so much joy, I must recognize that my creative experience is not the same as yours, nor should it be. Our creativity is as different as our human experience, or a snowflake from the winters sky. That is why it is so important for you to experience your very own creative joy. So let’s take a moment to re-define our creative experience.

Re-defining creative joy

Can’t wait to hear about your creative joy!!

Yours in creativity,

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