Creativity Check-In: Renewable Resource….

There are few things more thrilling to me than hanging up from a brainstorming session with one of the incredible creative buds. Even if the call/Google hangout was just for a check-in there will usually be some kind of creative component. The conversations where I find myself saying, “mmm…yes…AND THEN WE CAN DO ….!” or, “So I had this idea….” are the stuff true creativity is made of. During my Marketplace interviews, I heard from so many creative MTs that their best creative moments come from collaborations with other MTs, their tribe, or their clients.

Ok… so we’ve heard it before, and more than once. That means that there’s something more substantial to this, right?


Maya Angelou's Wisdom | The Music Therapy Marketplace

We’ve talked about creativity being contagious, but one of the best things about creativity is that it is humanity’s great renewable resource. You give to your creative self, and it gives back to you two-fold. If songwriting helps calm your mind, create a songwriting practice! If photography is a stress reliever for you, start a 365 photography project. Do your clients give you everything you need? Find a way to channel that amazing energy into a creative care practice! Your opportunities are limitless as long as you set yourself up for success. That means that you are starting with something that a) already brings you great joy, or b) is new but are taking really small steps without expectation. By embracing the creative acts that make you shine, you’re paying it forward and filling your creative tank!

So I’m curious – Which creative experiences are the most fulfilling for you? Do you already have a regular commitment that helps your creativity renew, reuse, or recycle? Let us know in a comment below!

Yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace


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