Creativity Check-In: Summer Lovin’, Lovin’ Summer


I am so in love with summer! As a child, they seemed endless. As an adult, they seem to evaporate! Regardless of the speed at which they move, summer has always been my season of bravery. Summer is when I try new foods, explore new stands at the market, plan excursions, and read new things (ok – I’m always reading, but I definitely do more reading in the sun in the summer!). This summer is no exception, despite its rocky start.

So I’d love to know….

Summer Lovin'
Here’s a list of a few of my new loves:
1. Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown
2. This Nordic Coloring book
3.  The Wailin’ Jenny’s iTunes Session EP (The Beautiful Dawn is a fave of mine)
4. This super tasty Ginger-Lemon Mocktail (I use lemon and ginger essential oils in mine with a fresh lemon slice if we have them!).
5. This yoga sequence (please consult your yoga or healthcare person before starting a new routine!)
6. And a few (top secret) designs and tools that will be coming your way soon!

I’ve come to realize that this season of bravery has allowed me to lift the lid off of my creative box and think big. Reading, drinking, listening to new things, and moving in new ways has been invigorating and exciting. There is so much creativity in bravery, and so much opportunity to learn, grow, and change.

What are you loving this summer? Is it releasing or unleashing your creativity? Please share in a comment below! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Yours in Creativity,

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