Creativity Check-In: New year, new tools



Happy New Year, Creatives!

In true fashion, my new year came in with a celebratory bang, and I hope yours did as well. After spending the day reflecting on the previous year, I started looking forward. And that’s when I couldn’t look past the posts about resolutions, and then the posts about selecting your word of the year, and then the posts about planners, goals, and financial planning rolled in. GAH! It was only the SECOND day of 2016, and I was already feeling behind. I thought, “2016 really DID start with a bang for so many of us!” The new year serves so many practical and metaphorical purposes, and in watching so many of you put in the good, hard work to make your 2016 meaningful, I found myself asking, “where does our creativity fit into all of this?”

My answer came quickly as I watched music therapy business owners find creative solutions to planning, bloggers launch their posts about the #MTAdvocacy project, and professors describe their planning processes for the upcoming semester. My heart overflows with appreciation for the creative work that goes into these projects.

But guys – being creative at work/in work is not the same as feeding your inner creative. It gives us reinforcement, ideas, and sparks, but it doesn’t do the whole job. It’s like creativity living outside ourselves, vs the creativity that lives inside.

So the creativity forecast for 2016 is good: 100% chance of music making, with a high probability of personal creativity. Here’s how I know.

Remember back in #DoCember when we made your Creativity Wish List?  When you sat down and looked at your creative desires without any restraints? Well now is the time to look at that list, and think about how you can feed that creative spirit, supporting it enough that you can make one or some of those things come to life. Today, for right now, we’re just *thinking* about it. But if that nugget of creative goodness is living in you, it’s only a matter of time before it takes shape in real life!

Didn’t have a chance to make your Creativity Wish List? Don’t panic! It’s still available to you (fo’ free!!!), so go download it, and give yourself permission to daydream juuust a little!

So that’s why this is a “new tool”. Working on creating a tangible or real life experience from an idea is something we do effortlessly when it involves music. But how about those other creative tools? It’s 2016, baby! Let’s add to that creative toolbox, and make 2016 a year that supports and celebrates your creative gifts!!!

Yours in creative enthusiasm!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace