Creativity Wish List

#DoCember Step One - Your Creativity Wish List


Your Creativity Wish List

List making is definitely on my list of all time, top ten favorite ways to help myself be productive. I like to list the things I need to do, then make a new list in prioritized order, then… then… then…. Well… then I look at my lists and take a break. I’ve gotta tell you – this list is not like those lists. It’s a great list, but it’s not in the, “let’s be ‘productive’ category.” Let me explain.

First, this list is infused with the magic of the holiday spirit. Seriously. It was created to inspire joy, hope, and the celebration of newness!

Second? This list was created to ignite your inner daydreamer. To spark the creativity already living inside you. Sweet deal, right?

Third, your wishlist is just one of the many models of self care available. Trust me – fill it out (or fill out a few), and then take time to enjoy the quieted mind you just supported. Self care is super important, especially when we are giving so much of ourselves to others.

This wishlist was designed for you, by a music therapist, in the hopes that it would help balance the extra hats we all seem to wear during this season. Balance not imbalance: happy not sad holidays.

CreativityWishlist15 is READY FOR YOU! This PDF is ready to be downloaded and loved as many times as you need. So take, create, and celebrate! I hope you’ll return and share all of the fantastic new creative projects you’re dreaming up!

Yours in creative joy,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace

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