Grow: Plant new seeds

Grow. Plant New Seeds

Hi Creatives!

I can’t being to tell you how amazing it feels to be writing this post for you. 2016 brought a new season for me that was full of starting and stopping, waiting and watching, and saying goodbye. On the inside of my creative brain, this combination formed a big, fat case of writers block! My creative brain hates being denied access to its most favorite playground, so it’s been an incredible challenge to gracefully accept this new season of stopping and starting, waiting and watching, and saying goodbye.

There are so many sayings for waiting, right? A watched pot doesn’t boil, watched grass doesn’t grow…. For me, it looks like me watching my proverbial garden, and waiting for the seeds I planted in 2015…or 14…or 13… to grow and prosper. Looking back, I’m still scratching my head wondering what in the world I was thinking, waiting for old seeds to bear new fruit (or veggies…), but this too is part of that graceful acceptance. Sometimes we get lucky and last season’s seeds bear fruit, but in most cases new seasons require new materials, approach, and tending.

Well, I’ve been waiting. And not doing it very gracefully. Waiting and trying since January to cultivate the 2015 garden. While there have been some new ideas, I definitely used my creativity muscles to do everything but tend the new, 2016 garden. It would be a huge relief to tell you that those seeds have sprouted and creativity is back on track (because that’s now creativity works…on one track. NOT). But the news is that the seeds still haven’t sprouted, and the garden now needs tending to turn it into a bountiful place for new growth. These seeds of creativity, job opportunity, opportunities for community, relationship and collaboration have been waiting for all of us. It is a pleasure to watch many of you accepting those and blossoming this season!

Waiting has offered me the opportunity to experience a very clear decision making opportunity. #CrunchTime.

So I made a decision. Maybe this seems like it would be easy, but it’s taken me three months to make peace with my writer’s block, so we’re going to go with “different gifting” on this one, ok? I would love to tell you that planting a new garden, embracing a new season, or being ready for these new opportunities has been easy-peasy for me. In a lot of ways, I’m willing to go with the flow and embrace change as it heads my way, but experiencing this season of waiting and watching, starting and stopping, and saying goodbye has touched every corner of my human experience and has challenged my perceptions and expectations. So I decided.

I decided to plant new seeds.

New seeds in my private practice that challenge me to be a more present clinician.

New seeds in The Music Therapy Marketplace that will offer music therapists and music therapy students the opportunity to be engaged in a creatively vibrant community (but shh….this is still under wraps, ok?).

New seeds for this new season.

I’m sorry that this isn’t an obvious post about creativity. Wouldn’t it be nice if creativity just landed in our laps, or was easy to catch? I like that a lot.

But I think that’s the point. Perhaps that has been our experience in the past – creativity sidling up to us, offering itself to us in easily recognizable ways and allowing us to use it to better ourselves…. But in this new season, we are challenged to release our creative expectations and till the new garden with the new, different looking creative gifts that land in the soil we so diligently prepare.

I’m tilling, planting, and celebrating this new season and I would love for you to join me.

What are you planting and growing this season? How can you be celebrated?

Yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace.

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