Livin’ in the Moment

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Livin’ In The Moment…

This week’s Creativity Check-In is brought to you by a creative 10-year old.

Each week, I have the privilege of working with a very creative 10-year old boy. If I’m being completely honest, he’s pretty awesome, and one of the awesome things he has done in music therapy has been to share the status of his internal eco-system within the context of our music therapy sessions. You know – checking in, identifying how you’re feeling. Now – I know what you’re thinking, “I do that all the time so…why is that awesome?”

The reason that this is awesome, is because after months and months of hard work on his behalf, he had one of those magical music therapy moments. You know the one I’m talking about – the one when the sky opens and you get goosebumps, where mom cries and the air stands still? THAT kind of moment.

All because he said, “I just need this minute” when we were processing how we were feeling. And we did. We sat very quietly while he took the time he needed. Now it took quite some work and planning to get there (which is a whole blog post in its own right), but he simply said that he needed a moment.

Perhaps this moment was to consider, or to assess, or to decide. Or perhaps it was to catalog that specific moment. I’m honestly not sure. But when I asked him about his moment, he replied with a shrug, “It’s my moment and it’s good.”

So today, my friends, I invite you to consider a moment, or this moment, and describe it (internally or journaling, or maybe even with some artwork!) because it’s YOUR moment!

And that is awesome!

Thanks for being here and sharing this creative space!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace