Introducing…The Creator’s Lounge!

The Creator's Lounge
at The Music Therapy Marketplace

a monthly subscription of intentionally and methodically curated experiences designed to provide music therapists with the opportunity to nurture the whole self.


Reasons to Subscribe

We acknowledge that music therapists desire opportunities to nurture themselves and grow, and the Creator’s Lounge is designed to do just that while offering these experiences in ways that are supportive, relaxing, and creative.

Each month contains:

  • Interviews and videos with collaborating professionals

  • Self care and creativity tasks

  • A monthly open office hour to share your experiences and interact with other creative music therapists

Available for both professionals and students!

No worries, we will re-open in 2017!
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Meet Briana

briana-priester-200Hey there, I’m Briana! I am dedicated to living and practicing creatively, and I am continually inspired by the passion, heart, and creativity music therapists put into their work.
I created the Creator’s Lounge to share all of the tools and resources that I use on a daily basis. I want music therapists to spend a little time on nurturing their creative selves and to give themselves regular timeouts for self care.
Thank you for granting me the honor of sharing a part of your creative journey!
Have questions? Want to chat more? AWESOME! You can contact me by sending an e-mail here.

Our Philosophy

We believe that you are a creative healthcare professional, and that making the most of every creative moment is a priority for you. The Music Therapy Marketplace was created out of a deep desire to help music therapists maximize the creative energy they invest on any number of tasks throughout the day. In the beginning, we offered that creative support through an open marketplace that sold high quality music therapy interventions and blog series’ on creativity, creative music therapists, and tools for music therapists.
In time, we realized that we were missing out – big time, and that what music therapists really needed was the opportunity to access a resource that offered opportunities for wellness, creativity, self care, and collaboration. The Music Therapy Marketplace is dedicated to supporting music therapists who desire to live and practice creatively, and embrace their creative spirit with wholehearted joy.
So come join the #MarketplaceMovement. We’re ready to share the creative journey!