Making Space To Give To Yourself

#DoCember Step Two - Digging into your Creativity


Digging into your creativity

Giving is a creative act in so many lovely ways. In order to be able to give, you must consider the recipient and their preferences and desires. For me, that manifests in a gift that is very meaningful and will bring that person great joy. For example, this year I will be making my 3 year old nephew a “tetar tap” (translation [for not all are well versed in 3yo speak…]: a “guitar strap” for his stylin’ blue ukulele!). The only thing this will cost me is time and a lot of love. Two things I am willing to give in unmeasurable quantities. This act, this flow of giving from and of oneself to another is so amazing! Maybe that’s one of the reasons we consider giving a sacred act in so many different ways?

But – let me ask you this: How often do you consider yourself as a recipient of your personal giving?  Do you make space in your season of giving to give to yourself? I’m not talking about last minute runs to the mall to get those boots your husband forgot to purchase, or the Christmas pjs that are a family tradition. I’m talking about time, given with intention and purpose that allows you to dig deeper into your own brand of creativity.

When we consider giving, we label the things we are offering as opportunities to experience something. It looks like joy, love, communication, security, compassion, tradition, and so many more things I can’t even name!

But for your creative heart, dear music therapist, look deeper past those things.

Look into the very core of your open, giving heart and consider just a little bit of what you’re offering to your families, clients, friends, and community, and offer some specifically to your creative self. Put it on “reserve” – the only thing/human/activity that can touch this is you while intentionally committing to giving to your inner creative. This is digging deeper. This is acknowledging the gift of joy, love, communication, security, compassion to the essence of beauty that helps you embrace the whisperings of creativity, and experience your life in a more present way every day.

So maybe this isn’t holiday specific. But thank goodness we have a reason to offer ourselves to others because it allows us to offer ourselves to parts of us that just simply sparkle and shine with the gifts we have to share.

Shine on, Creatives! Shine on!

Yours in creative joy,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace

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