#MTTribe, coming to #AMTA15!

Hey there, creatives!!!

I have som EXCELLENT news! The Music Therapy Marketplace is teaming up with other visionaries to offer YOU a contest! The Marketplace is joining up with Full Circle Music Therapy Community, Bear Paw Creek, Metro Music Therapy, Music Therapy Ed, and Serenade Designs in a selfie campaign desigend to help you get in touch with other visionaries, and to encourage authentic interactions during conference (because we all know that conference is wild, intense, and exhausting!).

Participating is SUPER easy! Here’s what you have to do to get your name entered for the AMAZING prize pack!
1. Snag a selfie with FOUR of the following visionaries: Mallory @ Metro Music Therapy, Amanda @ Full Circle Music Therapy Services, Briana @ The Music Therapy Marketplace, Julie @ Serenade Designs, Kat @ Music Therapy Ed, and Janey @ Bear Paw Creek.

2. Take ANOTHER selfie with someone at conference who has inspired you! Perhaps you meet someone new, perhaps it’s with a long time MT bud. Snap a pic and share why they inspire you!

3. Upload FIVE selvies (four with the visionaries, one with your MT inspiration) OR selfies that include multiple #MTTribe members to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #MTTribe by 5PM SATURDAY!!!!

4. Check back on social media to see if you are the lucky winner!!

5. Enjoy connecting with all of these leaders in the field!!

The prize pack is really something special! Each of the visionaries contributed something to the prize pack, so there are gifts of massive value, creativity, and innovation. We feel super lucky to be teaming up with such amazing, inspirational MTs and hope that you can join us in a super special #AMTA15 contest!

Come visit #booth411 at conference for more information!!

Yours in creativity,

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace