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Terms and Conditions for The MT Marketplace

By purchasing items from The Music Therapy Marketplace, you understand and acknowledge:

1. Sharing items purchased from this website is not allowed. If you find that you need multi-user access, please contact info@themtmarketplace.com. Each item is under copyright with The Music Therapy Marketplace and the individual music therapist. Under no circumstances is sharing content allowed. Please reference the legal information below.

2. The Music Therapy Marketplace does not offer refunds due to the delicate nature of intellectual and creative content. Once you select the final option to purchase, the intervention becomes yours to use in your clinical practice.

3. We take pride in ensuring the availability of the highest quality content and digital materials. If you find that your experience was less than satisfactory, please e-mail us at info@themtmarketplace.com

4. This service is designed for board certified music therapists. Content (here to fore including: webpage contents, audio and visual contents, documents, and all downloadable materials) is only guaranteed for use by those individuals licensed by The Certification Board Of Music Therapists.

5. Implementation of items sold on The Music Therapy Marketplace are subject to the Scope of Music Therapy Practice, Professional Requirements For Music Therapists, AMTA Standards of Practice, and the AMTA Code of Ethics.

6. The Music Therapy Marketplace reserves the right to revoke access to anyone for any reason. In order to provide the highest quality of ethical and therapeutic music therapy interventions we maintain diligent work in ensuring our interactions and web forums are friendly and encouraging. If we feel that anyone is engaging in inappropriate or negative behavior that is disruptive to others and the positive space we promote, the individual’s activity with The Music Therapy Marketplace will be terminated.

7. We take privacy very seriously. Should you need to contact a seller regarding a specific music therapy intervention, please contact us! We will insure that your questions are answered.

Grievance Policy and Procedure:

The Music Therapy marketplace strives to serve board certified music therapists in providing therapeutically appropriate and engaging music therapy interventions to assist with time ,anagement, creativity, and burn-out prevention. We encourage you, music therapists, to make the most of every creative moment. Should you find that you have had a less than stellar experience with us, please follow the Grievance Procedure below.

Grievances may be filed by the purchaser regarding a specific component of the intervention package such as a video or audio recording, documents provided, or page listing.

If you would like to file a grievance, please e-mail The Music Therapy Marketplace at info@themtmarketplace.com, titled “Marketplace Grievance”. The Publisher will then take the appropriate action. Should you wish to appeal a decision made by the Publisher regarding the grievance, the individual will call the Publisher at 540-277-6688.

Important Legal Information:

Subject to the terms and conditions listed in this Agreement, we hereby grant you limited, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive rights to access and use the Contents and Website solely for the purposes of enhancing your clinical work. You may not use any of the contents listed on the website for personal or commercial gain. Breach of this Agreement will result in the immediate revocation of the granted access without notice.

You may not distribute, sell, display, disassemble or reproduce any of the materials listed on this Website. In addition, you may not make any commercial use of the contents on the Website for personal gain with the exception of original ownership of intellectual and digital content including. This term may include, but is not limited to, (a) distribution, publishing Content, information, trademarks, or additional trade secrets; (b) engaging in inappropriate, threatening, libelous, obscene, defamatory behavior under U.S. or international law; or (c) includes intentionally malicious electronic behavior such as bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or other harmful code or properties.

All general content, graphics, buttons, and site organization are under copyright by The Music Therapy Marketplace and Studio B Music for Living, LLC and may not be used without our explicit written permission.

Studio B Music for Living, LLC and The Music Therapy Marketplace assumes responsibility solely for materials approved by an officer of Studio B Music for Living, LLC or The Music Therapy Marketplace in their official capacity. Personal statements of fact and/or opinion made are the responsibility of the Contributors alone and do not represent the views of the Publisher.

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