The Music Therapy Marketplace ::defined::

The Music Therapy Marketplace ::DEFINED:: | The Music Therapy Marketplace

For months and months I have been sharing The Music Therapy Marketplace via word of mouth and it has been AWESOME! If you’re completely new to the #marketplacemovement, WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here!

Along the way I have enjoyed hearing from so many board certified music therapists about their creative processes and the types of support they need to keep themselves in creative space. But no one really KNOWS about The Music Therapy Marketplace just yet, what it does, or where they can find it. So each conversation starts like this: “What is The Music Therapy Marketplace?” And you know what? I LOVE to hear that question!

For the first dozen or so times I answered this question my response was a little vague, as in… “the site sells stuff to music therapists created by music therapists”. Ok, maybe not quite that inarticulate, but it sure felt like it. But (as it is with learning opportunities) each time I was able to share the marketplace with someone new, I was able to draw a clear picture of what it is The Music Therapy Marketplace does.

Are you ready to read it?? Here we go….

What IS The Music Therapy Marketplace, you ask? It is a website that sells single music therapy interventions to board certified music therapists. These interventions were designed by MT-BC’s to target specific therapeutic goals, and are presented to you in a complete package. If you’re wondering if their ideas came from Pinterest, STOP! and think no further. These are the real, music therapy, deal!

YES! It’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s another question I get quite often: What comes in my intervention purchase?
Each intervention package includes EVERYTHING you need to plug the intervention into your session immediately. The digital download includes PDF’s of the intervention plan, chord and lyric sheets, any manipulatives you would need, and a training video or audio file. We even have some with iPad tutorials! SO COOL!

The third most common question I get is, Where are you?
Haha – well The Music Therapy Marketplace is a website! You can find us at

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Thanks for stopping by! If you have more questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, or e-mail me!

Can’t wait to see you at The Music Therapy Marketplace!

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace

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