Tools for MT Creatives: Meshing creativity with technology

Ahhh – the beautiful melding of human creativity and technology. To me, creativity and technology walk hand in hand with technology both supporting and enhancing creativity, and creativity driving technology forward. I mean – you can’t deny that Pinterest is a GENIUS idea. A creative totally dreamt that up! Since I’ll be hanging out on #MindstormMonday TONIGHT (eek!), I thought I’d start setting the creative table with one of the topics for conversation: creativity and technology!

Over the past few years I’ve discovered that I run best with a delicate blend of both technology and  farm table creativity (you know – creativity from scratch). Because both technology and creativity are constantly changing, I’d like to share two current apps that help me keep my creativity flowing, and some of them aren’t even about creativity! COOL!

First up is my go-to for crunch time: 30/30 


This app is all about time management. It allows you to essentially plan your day (bathroom, lunch, and walking breaks too!), and a timer will go off and remind you to exit your email, or to get up and drink some water. It’s user friendly, and fun to use! Best of all? IT’S FREE. Try it and like it – keep it. Don’t like it – delete it!

A new favorite is an app aptly named (heh) Unstuck.

Their website is cute and helpful, but I have found that the process of walking myself through their app is like troubleshooting with one of my tribe members. I like that it helps me shift my perspective, and that it gives me things to think about. A big plus for a visual like me is that it shows me cartoons of creatives that share a similar variety of stuck. More good news -it’s free!

Of course this doesn’t even begin to touch the world of apps or creativity, but they’re two tried and true apps that help me keep my creativity game strong. And, just like with anything else try one, and it may lead you to something even better!! If you jump in with any of these apps, will you drop me a comment and let me know? I’d love to hear how other creatives are using them!

Want to hear more about how I use them in my day-to-day? Join tonight’s #MindstormMonday, and hear all about it!

Yours in creativity,

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