Welcome, #DoCember!


It’s DoCember!

A time to expose the beauty of the creative experiences that lie within joyful acts.

Tis’ the season! The season to celebrate newness, joy, and the act of giving! This year I have been dusting off my joy and Christmas spirit, and am finally landing in the doorstep of love, cheer, fa-la-la-la-la, and all that stuff!

But regardless of the season, I am always huge fan of giving, joy, and celebration. There are lots of reasons I love those three things, least of which is the fact that it offers us a unique opportunity to build relationship with others. But also because giving represents fundamental goodness in our society. So since we’re in the most wonderful time of the year, why not DO something about it, take a new perspective, and embrace the goodness we have to offer.  So many of you are sharing your holiday themed music therapy interventions, play groups, and experiences, and it has offered such a beautiful perspective! Our manifestation of the holidays, just like our work with clientele, is unique and bright. We like that!

So at The Music Therapy Marketplace, we’re celebrating December by breaking down all that giving to expose the beauty of the creative experiences that lie within the acts that give others so much joy.

So come on! Join The Marketplace for some good old fashioned giving, creating, and DOing!

On our #DoCember list is:

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