What brings you peace?

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Seeking peace…

Creativity through the looking glass.

Creatives are often praised for their innovative work. That’s how we know someone is creative, right? There is some sort of measurable, observable product like artwork, poetry, newly composed songs…. But let’s consider for a moment that you’re creatively drained and even considering engaging in an act of intentional creativity makes you sigh and your shoulders roll forward. So, can creativity blossom through the simple observation of peace?

The answer to this is a resounding YES.

Not unlike a mantra, meditation, or self care practices, taking a moment to observe something peaceful in our environment creates the perfect opportunity to observe creatively. Perhaps we view something totally new, something outside of our comfort zone when we consider peace by simply looking in our environment, out the window, or into the faces of our loved ones.

Today, I invite you to observe and internally describe (perhaps somewhat like a quiet baseball announcer!) something happening right this minute that is peaceful to you. Perhaps you set your timer for one, three, or five minutes, or perhaps you ebb and flow as you need. Either way, through the looking glass of peace we are able to find new creative insight by engaging in a product-free experience whose value is indescribable.

I hope that you are able to find a creative spark in this experience. Because ultimately, creativity is contagious. All it takes is one single spark to start something new and incredible.

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Yours in creativity,