What’s Your Why?

What's Your Why? :: Creativity Check-In | The Music Therapy Marketplace

The Story of Why

This week’s Creativity Check-In is brought to you by inquisitive learners and quite a bit of heart. The prompt this week is, “What’s Your Why?” And here is how a group of young adults invited me to experience a little bit of their WHY.

I teach a class at a local university that focuses on music education and inclusion. We were discussing the importance of developing your tool box as a music educator so that you could teach to every learning style in your classroom. During this discussion, the students very clearly laid outstep-wise teaching methods, but none of them could tell me WHY they needed to have additional approaches to teaching one concept (something that we as music therapists do all. the. time!), or what they were. We talk about WHY all the time in a general way and say that every learner deserves to be musical and creative. But today, they interpreted my question in a new and incredible way.

They considered: WHY is it important for THEM to be creative in their teaching?

I let them think for a minute because they all had that look – you know the look that comes over someone’s face when they’re reaching really deeply inside? Each and every one of them had it. It was incredible. After they started coming back from their internal search, I asked them again. WHY? And here are some of the things they said:

  • Music is not one dimensional
  • Music is personal
  • Music is emotional
  • Music is universal
  • You can’t teach just one thing about music without teaching another
  • Teaching is complementary, just like sounds and silences
    …and the list goes on.

These young, inquisitive learners have taken a step towards their personal why, and guys – I GOT TO BE THERE. It was incredibly humbling to experience the subtle change in body language, self awareness, and group understanding. The classroom even felt electrified. But it wasn’t just humbling. It was INSPIRATIONAL.

I realized in that moment, watching those young adults identify a small part of their personal philosophies (and maybe some heart space, too) that our search for our WHY is never ending. So I asked myself WHY.

Then – it hit me. We as music therapists challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones, challenge our philosophies, and make change in the effort to provide a therapeutic platform for others to achieve their highest potentials. Our WHY is nomadic, and that’s OK because each time we identify a part of our WHY, we’re able to serve our clients more fully.

Guys – You are incredible. And I feel so humbled and inspired by you. So this week, I invite you to find a little bit more of your WHY.

Steward, The Music Therapy Marketplace